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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Green Disappointment at Brent Executive

Disappointed that the Greens turning up to the Brent Executive last night sounded so negative about our Green Charter and our climate change approach in general.  As I pointed out, we have had a number of strong policies on climate change since coming to power.  These include:
  • Our new recycling system, that will massively reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste management
  • Changes to our planning guidance to improve the environmental performance of new buildings
  • Improvements in the fuel efficiency of our transport fleet
  • The introduction of emissions based parking permits
  • Changes to public realm guidance for better adaptation to climate change
  • The promotion of district heating schemes
I was sorry to see that they did not stay for the report on district heating in South Kilburn, which one would have thought anyone wanting to cut carbon emissions would welcome.


  1. We dashed off to a Climate Change author's meeting organised by Brent Campaign Against Climate Change and Brent Libraries at Willesden Green library. It started at 7.30pm which was probably when the Executive finished.

    Of course we are interested in the South Kilburn project but it would be unusual if there was any substantial discussion on it at the executive. Haven't you said the real discussions happen beforehand?

  2. The recent Channel 4 Dispatches programme lifts the lid on the scandal of co-mingling. It reiterates very legitimate questions that environmental groups raised at Executive and Scrutiny committee over this well intended but damaging scheme. See the 2nd half of the programme at
    Then tell us this has been a change for the better!